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Outpost    13

Welcome to the Limited-Time Outpost 13 Slacker Backer Campagin!

The Outpost 13 Slacker Backer is made possible thanks to the Humble Widget from Humble Bundle. Follow @CantinaGames to stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates for Outpost 13. The Outpost 13 Slacker Backer Campaign is only available for a limited time, so act now! Scroll to the bottom of the page for the Outpost 13 Slacker Backer FAQs. Thank you for your interest and support for Outpost 13!


All Sales Are DRM-FREE!!!

The Dr. Meow Meow Jones DLC!


Outpost 13 Act 1 is scheduled to launch

via Steam on October 27th, 2015!


The Game!


All (Game+Beta) Slacker Backers

are getting Alpha access! :)


Alpha access will begin rolling out Monday, July 13th. Keep an eye on your email.


Please Note: This is not yet the Beta, so please, no Streaming yet! :)


Thank you to everyone who was able to score a Game+Beta Slacker Backer Bundle!



*The (Game+Beta) Slacker Backer package is no longer available!*

Slacker Backer FAQ

Why a Slacker Backer Campaign?

I’ve received several requests from the community to run another fundraising campaign that offers PayPal as a payment option. There’s also been several requests for another chance at securing the Dr. Meow Meow Jones DLC. The Outpost 13 Slacker Backer is my answer to these requests.


Is the game DRM Free?

Yes! All “The Game” and “The Game+Beta” backers will receive a DRM free copy of Outpost 13 as well as a Steam Key.


Does the Beta require STEAM?

Yes! Outpost 13 is currently being distributed and alpha tested in Steam, all testing moving forward will be done via Steam distribution.


Where can I learn more about Outpost 13?

To learn more about Outpost 13 and to stay up to date with the latest news and information, please visit "The Outpost 13 Re-Kick" on Kickstarter, Outpost 13 on the Steam store, and follow @CantinaGames on Twitter.


*Whens the Beta Start?

*Announcement coming July 10th.


*Beta Testing has been pushed back to June (was originally early May). Thank you for your interest in Beta Testing Outpost 13. Application for Alpha testing is currently closed.

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